Our pastors and leaders contribute their thoughts to our eNewsletter, and those opening notes are below. Our Sports + Fitness Ministry guys also have a great podcast called The Sweat Room, and written versions of their incredible interviews can be found here, too!


The summer is an exciting time for BUMP. After working through a year-long curriculum on how to serve and love others well in an urban... read more

Heart for Lebanon Q3

*Names changed for confidentiality ... read more

Jericho Road

COVID UPDATE ... read more


read more

716 Ministries

716 Ministries has been busy running multiple cohorts at once in the past few months, including our longest class ever in partnership with... read more

Buffalo Peace House

Greetings, friends at Watermark! ... read more

Every Child Q3

EVERY CHILD CAREPORTAL UPDATE- https://www.careportal.org/100k-kids-served/ ... read more

Peak Partner Mission Q3

Peak Partner Missions-Haiti is blessed to be a partner with Watermark Wesleyan Church of Hamburg. Here is an update as to what God is doing... read more

Buffalo Bill Lorenzo Alexander

On this podcast Bjorn Webb and Noah Corsten had the pleasure to interview former NFL star Lorenzo Alexander to talk about his football... read more

Buffalo Bills Chaplain Len Vanden Bos

In this podcast, Noah Corsten had the opportunity to talk to the Buffalo Bills Chaplin Len Vanden Bos. Over the years Len has been blessed... read more
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