100 Day Challenge: The Beginning

This week we kicked off the 100 Day Challenge: The Backstory. Hopefully you have jumped into the reading plan with us, which can be found at watermarkwesleyan.com. On Sunday, Pastor Ken began to show us the repeated narrative of God’s interaction with humanity:

  1. God wants to rule through humanity
  2. Humanity is the problem
  3. God is full of grace
  4. We need a new human

In this week’s class, we dove deeper into this idea that God wants to rule with humanity. As we examine the creation story and the subsequent narrative in Genesis, pay close attention to how God repeatedly empowers humans to co-rule with Him. See if you can pick out the moments when God entrusts humanity because of his overwhelming grace. Each time we see God give ownership of the creation to humanity, we see an affirmation of our purpose in relationship to God. Once we understand and grasp the overarching purpose of God’s relationship with humanity, we will better be able to see how Jesus resets the narrative, and invites us back into ruler-ship with God. We hope you grow from this conversation and from the readings everyday as God meets with us.

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Caleb "Cable" Carr
Middle School Pastor