A Spiritual HEPA Filter

Fall. Beautiful leaves. First frost. Thanksgiving. Football. Furnace filters. This is your normal train of thought, right? Proactive personalities and my fellow facilities enthusiasts may list furnace filters first, which of course is correct. After all, when it’s time to change filters for the church, there are close to 300 of them, so this looms large in my thinking.

For those of you less excited about furnace filters, you’re probably asking why they’re so important. The simple answer is they trap dirt. This keeps the equipment clean. Clean equipment runs more efficiently and breaks down less often. It also keeps the air we breathe cleaner.

Ok, if you’ve read this far, my guess is most of you have started yawning, so let’s shift gears. Let’s talk about what filters we might need for our lives. Is there dirt in our lives? I think truthfully we’d all answer yes. Gossip, slander, lust, greed, addiction, pride, and selfishness muck us up and break us down. How do we filter them out? 

Read Philippians 4:8. It talks about a filter that we should be using for our mind, our eyes, and our heart. It is interesting because it shifts our focus away from the dirt and onto the things that please the Lord. Lord help me to think about the things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. As you help me focus on these, I trust the dirt that does not please you will be filtered out.


Greg Niver
Facilities Manager