Buffalo Bill Lorenzo Alexander

On this podcast Bjorn Webb and Noah Corsten had the pleasure to interview former NFL star Lorenzo Alexander to talk about his football career, his faith journey, future plans and so much more. Lorenzo was in the National Football League for 14 years playing multiple positions like defensive tackle, tight end, offensive guard, special teams, and lastly being a dominant linebacker. With his time in the NFL Lorenzo had the opportunity to play for 5 teams which were the Carolina Panthers, Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins, Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders, and ended his career with the Buffalo Bills. 

In college Lorenzo played for the University of California from 2001 to 2004. Even though Lorenzo had a successful career at Berkeley he was undrafted and became a free agent. The Carolina Panthers signed Lorenzo to a three-year deal as defensive tackle. From there the rest is history with being a Two time Pro Bowler, AFC player defensive players of the Month, MVP of the pro bowl, 467 tackles, 33 sacks, and 3 inceptions. 

After playing 14 years in the NFL Lorenzo is enjoying his retirement by being a family man, planning on coaching younger men in football, serving in ministry, being a fan of the game, and broadcasting for the NFL on the side. 

What is like being a Father and Husband in the NFL? Who was a Big Role Model for You in the NFL? 

Lorenzo stressed how important time management is being in this profession and making your family his priority. To stay in the NFL you have to be committed to working out, learning the playbook, knowing the other team etc and that takes a lot of time. Lorenzo expressed how difficult it was to stay committed but also having the energy to be a good husband and father. 

To stay on track to making his family come first he would have date nights with his wife, have his workouts around the kids schedule, and take the kids to school. This helped Lorenzo know when to be a football player and knowing how to transition to be a family man. 

Throughout his career Lorenzo had a lot of people in mind that he looked up to and were great role models but the big one that stuck out the most was London Fletcher. Fletcher was his teammate with his time in Washington led by example on and off the field. Before every game they would drive together talking about life, football, and challenges in life. 

How’d you learn about Christ? What Would You Say To Your Younger Self? 

Growing up Lorenzo was a lukewarm Christian that knew about Christ because of his grandma dragging him to church but didn’t really dive deep into his faith. When adversity came through his life he found it to be super hard because God wasn’t the foundation in his life. Lorenzo really started to become a Christian when he was traded to the Washington Redskins and a group of teammates who were crazy about God, being good role models on how to be a Godly man. 

God really became real when his teammate Sean Taylor passed away showing Lorenzo how short can be. Lorenzo and his girlfriend at the time (his wife now) accepted Christ together after the 2007 season. 

The advice that Lorenzo would give to his younger self is never be content, always strive to learn, develop relationships, and be a servant to the people around you. Lorenzo said these tips help him become a better man and also help grow in his faith over the years. 

Reading Suggestions 

Lastly, Lorenzo gave some of his favorite verses to help stay grounded in his faith which were 2 Timothy 1:7 and James 2:17. These verses help him lead in love, not living in regret, and letting his actions reflect his faith. 

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