Buffalo Peace House

Greetings, friends at Watermark!

We were thrilled to finally welcome some of our vaccinated friends and volunteers back to the Peace House for our Summer Solstice in June (pictured). 

 With the changes in the political landscape, we are seeing an increase in refugee resettlement and asylum-seekers. We are now dreaming about purchasing the house adjacent to our Buffalo Street location, to expand our presence there.  

 Exciting announcement - we are ready to welcome new volunteers! From cooking to shopping to teaching and gardening, there is something for everyone to support this wonderful organization. Volunteering in our organization can take multiple forms; (a) volunteering at a shelter, doing anything from teaching to yard work!; (b) joining our fundraising/events committee, the behind-the-scenes group that plans and executes special events throughout the year; (c) join our growing and dynamic board where one can be part of the team that develops policy and long term goals for the organization. Training and support will be provided as needed. Volunteers are coordinated through our House Manager, by Mary, or by a Board member, depending on the nature of the volunteer assignment. Please note, we are requesting all volunteers to be fully vaccinated at this time. 

 Thank you for your continued partnership with us!