Building Connections

As Christians, we are compelled by the Great Commission to “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.” Jesus also tells us to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.”
So we have these two callings: to love God and introduce everyone to Him. That can sound intimidating! In the world of Outreach, these two things go hand in hand. But, so many people are afraid of approaching people they don’t know that it can keep them from sharing the Gospel.
The beautiful thing is that we can practice this skill! So as a church let’s try this: get to church a few minutes before you normally do and as you watch people get seated around you, keep an eye out for someone you don’t recognize or someone who is sitting alone. Keep in mind your proper social distancing guidelines, and then make it a point to connect with this person. Say hello, ask their name, open up to the possibility that there might be a Kingdom relationship waiting to happen.
This person might be a member and not necessarily an “outreach” candidate, but that is okay. You may have just made a new friend. The very act of practicing your connecting ability makes us a more welcoming church. For those of us who find this part easy, keep active in this practice and start getting ready to share the good news of Jesus.
When people come to our services “to check us out,” we have an opportunity like to be the ambassadors we are commanded to be. Step one is to connect, and as we get good at that, we can learn how to experience the joy of sharing the Kingdom of God with someone that is dear to Him.

Randy Johnson
Outreach Director