Coming Into Focus

And…breathe out! It’s December (wow)! This season is normally busy and filled with high hopes of the year to come. There’s no doubt this time feels different. We have made the best of this year, but many of us are feeling defeated, lonely, or just plain sad.
What if we take the focus off all that did not go well? All the trips postponed, the relationships that struggled, families that didn’t reunite, jobs that were lost. Not to diminish the hardships and realities, but what if instead we tried to find hope in the midst of it all?
When the pandemic started, my prayers shifted from my desires to wanting the desires of God. I asked God to reveal what He desired for my life. After what seemed like months of not seeing the fruit of those prayers, God began to show me the most important things: focusing on the family that was right in my home, overcoming self-doubt, praying more for other people, giving even though I wasn’t sure income would remain steady. See, when we live out the desires of God, there is a focus shift from what is most urgent to what is most important.
As we finish the year, take time to pray and ask God what is most important. Use the remainder of December to hand write a card, donate to a worthy cause, support a local business, speak encouraging words, say you’re sorry and ask for forgiveness. Weeds that are pulled make room for new seeds to grow. In this season of waiting, give God your desires in return for His. And you will see a harvest.

Carrie Occhino
Creative Arts Lead