Every Child Q3

EVERY CHILD CAREPORTAL UPDATE- https://www.careportal.org/100k-kids-served/ 

Join us in celebrating 100,000 kids (and counting!) served nationwide through CarePortal!  

Over the last six years, churches and their congregation members have been stepping up and responding to the urgent needs of vulnerable children and families in their local communities.  

Today, more than 2,800 church response teams in 27 states are using CarePortal. Churches and community members have created a $32 million economic impact to help stabilize and strengthen families in crisis, prevent children from entering foster care, and safely reunite children with their biological family… and we are just getting started. “ 

The Every Child Ministry, and partner church Watermark Wesleyan, are excited to be 1 of 2,800+ churches!  

Every Child is excited to share that Niagara County is now “live”, Chautauqua County is soon to follow, and other counties, including Erie County, will soon follow.   

CarePortal continues to connect the Church with the community by helping the urgent needs of vulnerable children and families in their local communities... which most importantly opens the door to share the Gospel! 

Please take a moment and read the feedback from a recent need that was fulfilled from both an Every Child Responder and a Social Service Worker! 

From the Every Child Responder volunteer: “Update: we delivered the chairs this morning and they mentioned a need for a dresser so we went back to PottersHand to get the dresser and delivered. While there (at the family home) the fiancé asked if we could put a grill together for them so they can grill out tomorrow. He shared about his disability due to an accident while on an ATV. Both the fiancé and the mom struggle with disability. We had a chance to pray for them before we left and invited them to the Chapel at Lockport service. Let us know if we can be of any further help. We are thankful for giving us the opportunity to serve. God be the glory! ”  

~Every Child CarePortal Responder 

A Social Worker in the Niagara County Department of Social Services has provided feedback. 

Agency Rating: 5.0 / 5 

Please provide the main reasons why you gave this rating: 

The need was able to be met and the response team was also able to assist the family over and above the original need request including being able to provide a dresser the family was in need of and assistance with setting up the family grill. 

Please share your story of how this experience personally impacted you or the family: 

The response team being able to help this family over and above the original need and make a positive connection for this family is the ideal end result for all requests. The reception by the family to allow the team to pray for them and being invited to attend a service is wonderful and will hopefully turn into lasting support for the family long after our involvement ends. 

To God be the Glory!