Heart for Lebanon

Heart for Lebanon, through its holistic ministry in Lebanon, is able to reach out with the love and hope of Jesus Christ to many hurting Syrian refugee families in Lebanon. We are able to care for these families in a holistic way, providing them with physical, emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual support. Below are stories of lives being changed through your generous gifts of prayer and financial support.


Ellen* comes from a Muslim background which affected her relationship with her parents when she got married to a Christian man. A year after their marriage, her husband went back to his hometown in Syria to officially register his children; sadly, he was arrested and forced to join the army. From that moment Ellen never heard from her husband.


Today, Ellen is a sole parent taking care of everything from house rental, food, and her children’s needs. She has a sewing machine that she uses to repair clothing in which she gets paid for and in addition to that she cleans houses for hourly pay.


Ellen’s in-laws were killed during heavy shelling in their hometown, Syria. Her parents, as mentioned above, have abandoned her and don’t want any relationship with her, because of their refusal to interfaith marriage.


When the Heart for Lebanon team visited Ellen, she was in deep sorrow and weary. During a visit with the team and while they were encouraging her to read from the Bible, Ellen said, “They only reason I changed my religion was to marry my husband. I never heard of Jesus. Even my husband who comes from a Christian background never mentioned anything about Christianity and how we’re supposed to live. But when I met your team, I felt you were different from others. You treated me differently, with love, respect, and dignity. That’s when I started to wonder who Jesus is, and why are these people who follow and obey Jesus so loving and humble?” Ellen continues, “When I first attended the service on Sunday, I immediately felt the difference between love and forgiveness. In my religion, it has a totally different meaning and approach.


Heart for Lebanon team was happy that Ellen has witnessed Jesus’ love and care for her. They offered her a Bible as they shared with her comforting stories to encourage her to continue with her mission in raising and taking care of her children. They also gave Ellen a good and hygiene portion, that she will be receiving every month to aid and sustain their needs. Ellen has asked the team to pray for her husband’s safe return from Syria.

Owen* and his family have been served through Heart for Lebanon since August 2020. He is a regular attendee of church meetings. However, he was forced to stop coming to our Hope Ministry Center because of the Corona Virus spread and the lockdown imposed by the government.


While people are in isolation, we were there to help the marginalized and people in need. Owen is one of the hundreds of families who received food portions at home. Very appreciative, Owen sent us a voice message expressing his gratitude to Heart for Lebanon:


“Thank you H4L staff for every effort you make to serve us. My family and I thank you for your faithfulness in distributing food portions every month and especially during this quarantine and lockdown. We were in darkness and you, H4L, showed us the way to light. You opened our eyes to the truth that Jesus is the only way to salvation. Thank you for preaching God’s Word simply and clearly. We appreciate your hard work to support us physically and spiritually and we pray so that God would keep you safe in the midst of this pandemic.”


Owen’s wife used to attend church meetings and she was very happy to learn Jesus’ teachings. She is also very excited to join the new women’s bible study group that was scheduled to begin one month ago but was postponed due to the lockdown.

During a visit to the home of George and Beatrice, they shared with Heart for Lebanon about the challenges they face every day. With Teary eyes, Beatrice said, “My husband works all day to just buy us a pack of bread. We cannot afford basic food products, the prices are crazy, but thankfully for the food portion that Heart for Lebanon offers to helps us get through the month.” Beatrice continues, “Now my children get to have dinner and not go to bed hungry.”


In addition to all the challenges that Beatrice is going through, recently she lost her mother. Her brother did not allow Beatrice to attend the funeral or even see her mother due to family problems they had together. This whole situation has gotten to the point where Beatrice was feeling hateful towards her brother.


“I was very depressed and overwhelmed with bitterness and resentment. But I went to the Bible Study meeting for the first time. One of the Heart for Lebanon teams shared a message about hope, love, and forgiveness. That day, I felt peaceful and joy deep down inside me. God touched my heart in a tremendous way. He took all the burdens weighing on my shoulders. That day, I forgave my brother.” She continues, “In every Bible study by faith in Jesus became unshakable, today, I am free from anger, hatred, and revenge.”


Indeed, Beatrice’s life has changed, she’s become a different person. And the Heart for Lebanon team has been following up on her all this time.


*Names changed for confidentiality


Thank you for your partnership, it is truly a blessing. If you have questions or need additional information please contact Will Cunningham at will.cummingham@heartforlebanon.org