Our pastors and leaders contribute their thoughts to our eNewsletter, and those opening notes are below. Our Sports + Fitness Ministry guys also have a great podcast called The Sweat Room, and written versions of their incredible interviews can be found here, too!

Youth for Christ

Dear YFC family, ... read more

Bills Mafia Founder Del Reid

If you’re a Buffalo Bills or NFL fan, chances are you’ve heard the phrase “Bills Mafia”. Do you actually know where this phrase... read more

Every Child

While Every Child is a regional ministry partnering with Watermark Wesleyan and other churches throughout WNY, collaborating to care for... read more

Adult and Teen Challenge

Sam's Testimony: ... read more

Maddy Glab, Bills & Sabres Journalist

Maddy Glab found herself in a stressful situation many people have been in and even more might find themselves in. Maddy had recently... read more

Tennessee Titans’ Punter Brett Kern

“I can’t keep living my life like this,” Tennessee Titans’ Punter Brett Kern thought to himself. He was throwing up in a bathroom... read more

Leadership Coach Randy Gravitt

Fifeen years ago, Randy Gravitt knew he wanted to do something different with his life, but he wasn’t sure what. He decided to reach out... read more

Keith Morse, Malachi Dads

Keith Morse was in the midst of a six-year solitary confinement sentence at Angola Prison in Louisiana as a result of stabbing a fellow... read more

Bodybuilder Shawn Maves

In 1990 Shawn Maves was sitting in his house alone as a 24-year-old feeling empty, facing broken relationships and lying to newspapers,... read more

UB Safeties Coach Jeff Burrow

UB Safeties Coach Jeff Burrow Learned How to Blend His Faith and Coaching at Greenville University ... read more
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