Our pastors and leaders contribute their thoughts to our eNewsletter, and those opening notes are below. Our Sports + Fitness Ministry guys also have a great podcast called The Sweat Room, and written versions of their incredible interviews can be found here, too!

100 Day Challenge: Entering God's Presence

Hopefully over the course of the past week you’ve learned the Book of Leviticus is so much more than a bunch of rules. The Law, the book... read more

Sports & Clothing Series: The King Brothers

This week Noah and Bjorn began their “Sports and Clothing” series by speaking with Kenny and Danny King; two brothers from Minneapolis,... read more

100 Day Challenge: Discovering Who God Is

What comes to your mind when you hear these words: “God." Love. Wrath. Distant. Personal. A.W. Tozer once said, “What comes into our... read more

Bob Schindler, Director of CEDE Sports

This week Noah and Bjorn spoke with Bob Schindler, who has been the director of CEDE Sports since 2003. CEDE Sports is an organization that... read more

Founder of Walking the Text, Brad Gray

This week Noah and Bjorn spoke with Brad Gray. Brad played basketball throughout high school and during his time at Cornerstone University,... read more

Speaker & Leadership Developer Dan Webster

This week Noah and Bjorn spoke with Dan Webster. Dan is a faith-based motivational speaker, leadership developer, and author. ... read more

100 Day Challenge: The Beginning

This week we kicked off the 100 Day Challenge: The Backstory. Hopefully you have jumped into the reading plan with us, which can be found... read more

Jason Romano, former ESPN producer

Noah and Bjorn began 2021 by speaking with Jason Romano. Jason helped start and build “Sports Spectrum” - a podcast he hosts that... read more

The Sweat Room 2020 Year in Review

Despite it being a challenging year, 2020 brought about countless blessings and lessons to Noah and Bjorn on “The Sweat Room”. ... read more

Darrin Gray, Athletes in Action

This week Noah and Bjorn spoke with Darrin Gray. Darrin has over 25 years of experience in executive leadership in communications, media,... read more
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