Sports & Clothing Series: The King Brothers

This week Noah and Bjorn began their “Sports and Clothing” series by speaking with Kenny and Danny King; two brothers from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kenny and Danny own King Brothers Clothiers, which is a custom clothing company specializing in anything from suits to shirts and jeans.  

During their 11 years running King Brothers Clothiers, Kenny and Danny have worked with almost two dozen current or former Minnesota Vikings players, nine current or former Minnesota Wild players, Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns, Igor Vovkovinskiy, who is the tallest man in America, and “The Mountain” from “Game of Thrones”. 

What Impact Does Faith Have on Kevin and Danny’s Work? 

“If we feel like we’re called to do something, we’re actually called to step out in faith”--Danny King 

For Kenny, his faith is crucial to him as a business owner. He says that he can’t imagine running a business and dealing with the stress of it without knowing God is there to fall back on.  

While it is still Kenny’s responsibility to do as much as he can to ensure the success of King Brothers Clothiers, he realizes that there is only so much that he can do. At a certain point, things will be out of his hands.  

Kenny says that without his faith and his relationship with God, this uncertainty would be overwhelming. However, due to his faith Kenny knows that God is going to be there for him to take care of the things out of his control.  

Even if the outcome isn’t what Kenny envisioned, he still knows the end result is part of God’s plan and he can have a sense of peace in that.  

Kenny’s faith also affects how he acts while running the business.  

Kenny says that when running a business, you are inevitably going to run into difficult situations. He says that his faith helps him operate with integrity every single day.  

Even though it can be difficult in certain situations, Kenny realizes that there are times when he needs to swallow his pride and act in a way that portrays God’s love to customers.  

The integrity that faith brings into their work is also something that is important to Danny.  

On the podcast they talk about how their faith not only helps them go home feeling good about the way they treated others, but they also mention ways their faith and the integrity it brings has positively impacted the business of King Brothers Clothiers.  

For Danny, his faith impacts the decisions and the leaps that he is willing to make.  

Danny says that he has talked to a lot of people who have a dream, but they come up with excuses and convince themselves that it isn’t the right time. He says that his faith helps him avoid falling into this trap.  

Danny feels that for those who have a faith, there is no legitimate excuse for not taking a leap and doing what they’re called to do. As Christians, we’re called to take a step of faith if we feel that something is our calling.  

This confidence has helped Danny refrain from being timid in his work and life, instead taking these leaps that the Lord is calling him towards. These leaps of faith are not only beneficial to his business, but also to his relationship with God.  

Does God Care What We Look Like? 

“God created us, and I think he wants us to like what He created”--Kenny King 

Kenny and Danny don’t think that God cares whether you meet the world’s definition of attractive. As they point out, we were made in his image, and God looks at our heart and thinks that we are beautiful.  

At the same time, Kenny and Danny do think that God cares about how we appear and present ourselves based on our own standards.  

In the episode Danny uses a metaphor about a parent giving their child a Christmas gift to describe the way in which he thinks God cares about our appearance.  

God created us, and they point out that He cares about how we feel and wants us to be happy with what we see when we look in the mirror.  

On the podcast they talk more about how they think God does care to a degree about how we look and how this might look in our lives.  

Why is Image So Important to Athletes? 

“Generally, athletes know that what they wear, what they say and how they carry themselves matters to other people”--Danny King 

In the episode Kenny talks about the power that image has and how much it can communicate to those around you about who you are. He says that it’s important to craft your image in a way that matches the message about yourself that you’re trying to communicate.  

Something that Kenny has seen is that it’s important to athletes that they’re communicating themselves in the best way possible to support the message they’re trying to send.  

Danny agrees with Kenny’s feelings about the power of image. Something he has learned is that athletes take themselves seriously and want to reflect this with how they appear to people.  

This has been especially true in the past few years, with an increasing number of athletes taking a stand on issues. Athletes’ stances on issues would potentially be taken less seriously if the public did not view them as people to take seriously.  

On the podcast, Danny also talks about social media and the impact he has seen this have on athletes’ view of their image.  

What is God Teaching You? 

It can be easy to have difficulty finding ways to apply our faith into everyday things like our job, school or sports. We might think that in order to display our faith to others we have to spend time actively talking about God and our relationship with Him.  

While this is certainly one possible avenue, another way is simply displaying the virtues of God in our everyday life: being kind, loving, patient, acting with integrity, and so on.  

Another point that Kenny and Danny brought up that is important is taking a leap of faith. Pursuing a dream can be scary, especially when it requires stepping out of our comfort zone and going into the unknown.  

However, as Danny pointed out, if we feel that we are being called by God to pursue something, there is no valid excuse to not pursue it. It is our responsibility to put our faith in God and take a leap in order to accomplish what He has put us on this Earth for.  

Sure, it can feel scary, but we owe everything we have accomplished and are blessed with currently to God. If He is pushing us in another direction, we have to be faithful stewards and follow His call.  

Kenny and Danny bring up an interesting point when talking about if God cares what we look like.  

There are many Scriptures that talk about how ultimately God cares about what’s in our hearts. However, most of us have likely also heard the verse from 1 Corinthians 6:19 saying that our body is a temple.  

It’s important for us to take care of ourselves and not neglect our appearance. We were made in the image of God and we should honor Him with that image.  

As Kenny and Danny point out, God wants us to be happy with who we see in the mirror. It’s important to feel good about ourselves, whether we attain this through working out, personal hygiene, what we wear, or anything else that might achieve this. In fact, taking care of ourselves is encouraged in the Bible.  

When it turns into an issue is when this becomes more important to us than what’s in our hearts and our relationship with God. This should always be our number one priority.  

We should not work out or wear nice clothes in an attempt to catch the attention of others or impress them. We should do this in order to feel happy and confident with ourselves and, as with all things, do it to glorify God.  

When called, are you taking leaps of faith? Are you trusting in God and pursuing His calling for you? 

Are you honoring God with your image? Is your heart and your relationship with God your number one priority? 

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