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Dear YFC family,

We believe that the impact of our ministry depends a great deal on the members of our team, and we love telling you about them. This month we’re introducing you to Sarine, one of our Manara Youth Center staff. Bright and energetic, Sarine works as an administrative assistant at MYC, keeping track of the database, helping with accounting, making the shopping runs for whenever we need supplies, etc. She keeps us organized.

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Sarine is Lebanese-Armenian from an orthodox family, but she attended an Armenian evangelical school all throughout her childhood, going to Sunday School as a kid, youth group as an adolescent, and then young adults group. She credits this for helping her grow as a Christ-follower and providing her with a firm foundation for her faith. Upon graduating from university with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, she worked as a private tutor and in sales/customer service, gaining experience in communicating and relating with all kinds of people and ages. In fact, when she first started with YFC, she worked as a part-time tutor as well as admin support.

When talking about what drew her to YFC she’ll say, “I don’t like sitting in an office in front of a computer; I like to interact with people. I see my work at YFC more as a calling than a job.” She also sees her job as an aid in her spiritual walk. “My walk with God has grown closer from being part of the YFC family. They take a great interest in our spiritual journeys, make sure we take Sabbath days, and push us to go deeper with God. This is one of the things I most appreciate about working at YFC.” Sarine considers the hardest part of her job to be making sure that everything is in its place, organized, and ready to be used (you can imagine what it’s like to have a center full of teenagers milling around!). “This is a pressure I put on myself and sometimes I find it challenging to work in a chaotic environment,” she admits. “But I’m growing in my acceptance of the differences in people and appreciating how we’re all different but form a whole.” She loves the sense of teamwork among the staff. “Everyone is willing to help with everything, and I’m learning to ask for help; this is not something I was good at before.”Since the pandemic has forced us to do our programs remotely at various times over this past year, the center has been empty and Sarine has been able to catch up on a lot of organizing, which has been super helpful. “Because we work with youth and they're not always careful about social distancing and mask-wearing, I’ve had to be extra vigilant to make sure we’re maintaining the safety standards required of us right now.” When asked about what she feels hopeful about, she says: “I look forward to the youth coming back to the Center. I miss their energy, their noise, their coming and going. This year has really been an exercise in not taking things for granted.” We are so grateful for the spirit of excellence Sarine brings to our team, and thank you for praying for her as she continues to serve with all her heart!

With love from all of us at YFC Lebanon