A Community Group is a group of people (usually around 8-10 people) intentionally growing in their faith.  It provides the environment for the following to happen:

  • Growth in relationship with God
  • Growth in relationship with each other
  • Growth in ministry

While it may look different from group to group, all three aspects are present.  In a typical group this may include going through a Bible Study or video curriculum together, praying together, serving in ministry together and just simply having fun together.



Grouplink is a one-time event to help you connect into a Community Group.  At Grouplink you will meet people who also want to connect into a Community Group.  We don't assign you to a group. You come to Grouplink to meet others and decide which group you would like to join.  

NEXT GROUPLINK:  September 27 // in Room 117 B&C at McKinley.  

For more information about community groups, contact Kim Smith HERE.

Watch the story below for an inside look at the impact of community groups.