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The Residency Program of Watermark Wesleyan Church is designed so that young men and women who have a heart for Jesus Christ and a passion to lead others in their faith journey can continue to learn and develop as leaders for effective ministry within the local church.

Residency Applications are now open. Applications are due March 15, 2019.

Download application here: 2018ResidencyApplication.pdf.

Why a residency and what is required?

The two-year, approximately twenty-nine (29) hours a week, residency is a post college program for emerging leaders continuing their development for fulfilling their call to vocational ministry. The program will give practical hands-on ministry experience and leadership responsibilities to residents with an overall exposure to the church and ministry. The Residency Program will generally begin August 15th start-date with completion being May 31st of second year. 

Residents will be exposed to every ministry of the church allowing them to understand the local church fully and to experience how ministry preparation, execution and team synergy works amongst the various ministry teams. Although the residency is designed to give a broader exposure and experience in the church, residents will also spend significant time and energy in ministry areas of giftedness or calling (Administration/Finance, Children’s Ministry, Community Life, Connections, Family Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Outreach, Student Ministry, and Worship Arts). 

Our program is designed to invite residents that through the application and interviewing process, we feel would be a great fit with the Watermark Wesleyan Team and us to be a great fit for the residency. We then determine role specific involvement based on calling and focus.

Is this a paid residency?

Residents will receive $800 monthly and housing will be provided on campus for single residents (The church will assist married residents in finding housing, but cannot guarantee being able to provide this on campus).