Future Church2020 Conference: May 15-17

It’s time for a fresh conversation! As we enter a new decade, what it means to be a Christian is being informed, reshaped, and even forgotten, before our very eyes. What will the church of tomorrow believe? FutureChurch is for those willing to explore what a renewed church may look like.

Media, gender, politics, science, tech and art have been confronting us with challenges we’re hardly prepared for. Statistics reveal our children often leave the church when they leave home. In the church and the mainstream there is an increasing sense of spiritual hollowness that is felt deeply, and nationally. Culturally, we suffer from the loss of a common language with which to communicate in matters of faith.

• Why is God often not real, not vivid to us?

• How are we responding to pressures coming at us in the church from every direction?

• How is the Church equipping future generations to articulate their theological worldview?

How can the church best prepare for a post-Christian world?  No, not by adapting what we believe, but by rediscovering it!  Join your church family, along with thousands of believers across WNY as we have fresh conversations about technology, media, culture, arts, social/cultural issues and what it means to be a Christian for this new decade.  Presented by The Theology Project, hosted May 17-19 at The Chapel (Crosspoint campus).  For more info or to register, check out the video below or go to www.futurechurchconference.com