September 17th – October 29th

TUESDAYS 9:30-11:30AM  

We are offering Psalm 23 and Seamless simultaneously

Psalm 23: In this 7-session study by Jennifer Rothschild, gain fresh insight and encouragement from Psalm 23. Explore the depths of God’s compassionate care while debunking the self-reliance myth. Learn how your vulnerability is not a liability because you can trust the Shepherd’s goodness throughout each season of life.

Seamless: In this 7-session study by Angie Smith you will experience the Bible as a whole as you gain clarity and confidence in your understanding of Scripture. Discover a biblical context that reshapes and brings to life stories from the Old and New Testaments. Each week is accompanied by maps, general Bible facts, and word studies.  Reminder:  Angie Smith is coming this fall! (see event details above).

Please register below with your study of choice.  Study Guides are $16 each.

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