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June 24: Adam Batt & Randy Johnson
June 22: Steve Dunmire
June 17: Bob & Marguerite Gibson interview; 716 Ministries
June 15: Kristen Farrell
June 10: Becky Beers
June 8: Trevor Kaufman & Andre Clark, Pastor of New Direction Christian Fellowship in Buffalo
June 3: Dan Ward
June 1: Kevin & Becky Beers

May 27: Becky Ventre
May 25: Kristen Farrell
May 22: Tim & Emily Park, Student Ministry Leaders at South Creek
May 21: Becky Ventre
May 20: Pastor Keith Clark
May 19: Trivia Tuesday!
May 18: Steve Dunmire, Rules of Life
May 15: Pastor Paul Gartley & his son Jacob
May 14: Interview with Bills Coach Sean McDermott & his wife Jamie
May 13: Pastor Bill Nykyforchyn & Deb Nykyforchyn
May 12: Trivia Tuesday!
May 11: Becky Beers, Emotional Series teaching
May 8: Chad Reynolds, Worship Music
May 7: Pastor Trevor Kaufman
May 6: Adam Batt, Suffering Well
May 5: Trivia Tuesday!
May 4: Kristen Farrell, Emotionally Healthy Statements
May 1: Interview with healthcare providers & their spouses

April 30: Pastor Keith Clark
April 29: Visual Journaling with Carrie Occhino
April 28: Trivia Tuesday!

April 27: Becky Ventre, Emotional Series teaching
April 24: Trevor Kaufman & Poetice
April 23: Paul Gartley
April 22: Becky Beers & Kristen Barrett, Emotional Series teaching
April 21: Trivia Night with Pastor Kevin!
April 20: Becky Beers, Emotional Series teaching

April 17: Kristen Farrell, Board Vice Chair
April 16: Bayview Worship Team
April 15: Kevin & Becky Beers
- Becky mentioned the Gratitude Journal & Put on/Put Off exercise
April 14: The Kaufman family
April 13: Pastor Dan Ward with Dr. Chris Hummel
April 9: Pastor Paul Gartley
April 8: Pastor Keith Clark & Peggy Austin from The Trading Post
April 7: Marshall Brady, Student Ministry Director
April 6: Jim Clements, Guest & Community Relations Pastor
April 3: Kristen & Jeff Farrell
April 2: Adam Batt, Children's Pastor
April 1: Becky Beers, Adult Education Director

March 31: Becky Ventre, Worship Team Member
March 30: Ken Nash
March 29: The Beers Family
March 27: Kristen Farrell 

     - Kristen sampled the staff and asked for reading picks. Here they are!
March 26: The Gartley Family
March 25: Kevin & Becky Beers
March 24: Marshall Brady, Student Ministry Director
March 23: Jim & Gisele Clements
March 22: Dan Ward, Disciple Making Pastor
March 20: Trevor Kaufman & Co., Worship Music Night
March 19: Keith Clark, Springville Campus Pastor
March 18: Becky Beers, Adult Education Director
March 17: Adam Batt, Children's Pastor
March 16: Pastor Ken, Lead Pastor