Why Do We Worship Through Music?

Music is a gift given to us by God. It is a beautiful means to communicate His greatness, beauty and character. Music is also a powerful way to connect with God. We are actually commanded in scripture to worship Him through music. Throughout the Psalms we are commanded to praise Him with instruments and voices. This is not optional.

What is our “style”?  (And Why?)

At Watermark we utilize music in the genre of modern worship. On any given weekend you will hear songs written by artists such as; Bethel, Hillsong, Passion and Vertical along with many others. We do not confine ourselves to only specific artists but rather strive to consistently be listening for the next song God wants to hear His people at Watermark sing.

At the Bayview Chapel service the music consists primarily of classic hymns.  While there isn't a band, traditional brass, woodwind and string instruments are common in worship at Bayview.

What people can expect during a service?

When you attend a service at Watermark you can be assured that what you are experiencing has been created by a team seeking the Lord and His plan for the day. High quality music, honest, heartfelt and biblically grounded teaching and an overwhelming desire to connect with our Creator and each other are the hallmarks of a Watermark weekend.

When we gather together we are given the gift of being in a safe place where we can express our love and need for a Savior. We encourage everyone to take full advantage of being in this place by being open to what the Holy Spirit wants to do on an individual and corporate level. We encourage everyone to sing regardless of their natural ability because God loves to hear His kids sing.

An important note for everyone:

There is no judgement of ability, your song is a gift you give to God and it belongs to Him alone, we pray that no one ever withholds this gift from Him.

If you would like to explore the possibility of joining the music team, please create a video recording of you playing &/or singing with a current worship song. Your video should be uploaded to a video hosting site (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) with a link sent to bvanvolkinburg@watermarkwesleyan.com.

Interested in being a part of our Worship Team?

That's great!  This is a fun, challenging, and rewarding ministry. If God has gifted you with musical or technical talent, we want you to be able to use it for His glory!  There is a current application process that closes March 11.  You can contact our Administrative Assistant, Mary Bivin at mbivin@watermarkwesleyan.com for an application and further information.

To help you understand the expectations and commitment involved prior to emailing your interest, please read below:

Team Commitment and Expectations

We want worship to be simple. Accessible. Singing to God with a sincere heart does not have or need to be complex. With that said there is a certain level of preparation, planning, and practice that goes into making each and every worship service simple. Because of this, there is a certain level of commitment that is required from the worship team that exceeds other ministries. This commitment can take on many forms. Here are a few practical areas where level of commitment is most evident.

  1. Spiritual Preparation: Worship on a platform is the overflow of a lifestyle of worship and a heart that is well-cultivated throughout the week. Personal spiritual intimacy with Jesus is our FIRST priority. One hour on a Sunday morning is a mere .6% of a week. If the only time you “worship” is .6% of your week, something is wrong. How can we lead people where we haven’t gone ourselves?
  2. Musical Preparation: Rehearsals are infinitely smoother when everyone has listened to, practiced with and memorized the scheduled music. Being prepared also means having any gear or equipment that you intend to use on Sunday with you for practice (lyric sheets or chord charts are provided on Planning Center Online – more on this later). For teamwork to happen effectively, we rely on you to play your part accordingly.
  3. Attitude: When ideas or suggestions are presented and received with a good attitude, the results are monumental for effective team building. If there are technical, musical or miscellaneous complications, keep attitudes positive and morale high. Be open to the constructive criticism of the worship leader or band leader. They are trying to pull out every bit of greatness in you they can find, so be patient and receptive of constructive feedback.
  4. Punctuality: Everyone’s time is valuable. It’s important that everyone be punctual for rehearsals so that we can use our limited time as efficiently as possible. Arriving early is always a great idea. We are very serious about punctuality. Being on time is a respect issue.  
  5. Dress: Watermark Wesleyan a very relaxed unofficial “dress code.” However, there are a few basic requirements. We want everyone’s focus to be on God. Anything that takes focus off of Him is a hindrance to our ultimate goal. This will be discussed in more detail during the application process.
  6. Flexibility: The worship pastor and/or band leader always tries to give adequate notice of schedule or setlist changes. While it is not uncommon for these changes to take place, it is only done when necessary. It is recommended that you periodically check back with Planning Center to view any potential changes.