Watch this recent announcement from Pastor Ken, then read the FAQ's below.   

2019 Church Name | FAQ

Why are we changing our name and branding again after just recently going through the whole process?

Following the launch of our new name and brand, it was brought to our attention that the word “Watermark” is a trademarked name when it is in connection with any church or ministry. By using it, we are in violation of federal trademark law. This trademark conflict was not caught by NYS through their vetting process prior to our registering the new name, “Watermark Wesleyan Church.”

Is changing our name the only option? If so, why are we choosing this path?

No. We could have kept the name because the current trademark holder is not pursuing legal action. However, the trademark holder could take legal action in the future. By changing the name, we remove any possibility of this ever happening because using “Watermark” is in violation of the law. More importantly, even without the threat of legal action, we value our integrity; making this change keeps our integrity intact.

How will we come up with a new name?

We have an in-house team of pastoral leaders, creative staff, and church board repre- sentation leading this process. Three local agencies with extensive experience in rebranding made presentations to partner with us. We have selected one to assist us through the rebranding process.

Will the process of renaming and rebranding be the same?

The process will be similar, but more input from our congregation and staff will be taken into consideration. We will also be utilizing the work of the staff from this past year as we continue to communicate our clear vision.

Does this process involve more than just the name? Why does a church need a brand?

The process, as before, will walk us through the pros and cons of different names and brands but will point us towards a strongly recommended name.

We need a brand to deliver a clear picture of who we are as a church so that we will continue to have many opportunities to share the gospel. We will be developing a message, logo, name, and identity that makes sense both internally and externally – to the person who has been a part of our church for years and to the person in our community who hasn’t yet stepped foot onto one of our campuses. In addition, this process will lead us to a healthy brand launch this fall – publishing our new identity through print materials, digital platforms, and environmental elements such as signage.

Will we get to vote on the new name?

Not directly. Everyone will have an opportunity to be involved at some level in this process, either on a team or by giving input to others. There will not be a formal vote of the congregation to determine the name. The formal vote will come from the church board, whom the membership of the church has elected as their representation concerning church business. For more information about membership, visit the membership page on our website.

What about "Watermark Wesleyan"?  Will we still call ourselves this during this process?

Yes, this name will remain until a new name is launched in October 2019.

How do I tell my friends about this change that I am inviting to Weekly Services (or other events at our church)?

Just tell them the truth! We must trust that this is God’s church not ours. He will draw people to Himself through our church ministries with or without a name. We are trusting that He will be the provider of all clarity and truth. Invite as many as you can because you are inviting them to experience the presence of Christ and not a name or building.

How will you keep us up to date on this process moving forward?

Please sign up to receive the e-newsletter HERE.

When do you expect the new name to be announced?

The new brand will be announced to the public on the weekend of October 5-6, 2019. This is also the date of we are launching our Springville Crossing Campus.

How can I help?

Very simply, join us in prayer. We’ll be announcing opportunities to pray together as a church as a part of this process.

If I have more questions, where do I go?

Email with your question(s). 

DOWNLOAD THIS FAQ SHEET HERE: 2019NameChange-FrequentlyAskedQuestions.pdf