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Watermark Wesleyan Sunday Sermons

Hosts: Watermark Wesleyan Teaching Team

We are excited to offer you a way to listen to sermons on the go. Each Sunday night, that weekend’s sermon will be available for you to listen to any time!

Latest Episode

With One Another in Emmaus

May 16, 2021

Shared meals lead to meaningful conversations and strengthened relationships.

The Sweat Room: Sports & Faith

Hosts: Bjorn Webb and Noah Corsten

Join us on The Sweat Room podcast where we will be discussing faith, sports and leadership. We dig deep into the 3 Gs: 
Get it: learn new skills
Got it: live out and practice what we've learned
Give it: train and help others

Latest Episode

57 - Mafia Movement ft. Del Reid founder of Bills Mafia (Buffalo Bills Series Week 3)

May 10, 2021

How was the Bills Mafia created? Why is Bills Mafia such a powerful movement? Del Reid, founder of Bills Mafia, stops by The Sweat Room to talk about what it means to be a Bills fan, how Bills Mafia was created, how he came to know Christ, and he talks about his thoughts on tables as well. A fun and great episode. 

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