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Submit your requests and pray for those who have requested prayer. This is a way to make your prayer requests more public.

Submit your Prayer Requests directly to our Prayer Team:


Called To Pray

Third Sunday of each month at 4:30 pm 
The location and details change with the seasons so click the link above for the latest info

No registration is required to attend in person. 

This prayer time is open to all, including children. The way we communicate with God is through prayer, therefore every follower of Jesus can benefit from spending time praying with others. Prayer is simply about spending time with God. It’s not about saying the right words or performing a certain way or getting in the right posture. Prayer is about coming into God’s presence, hearing from God and knowing that He hears us. Prayer strengthens our relationship with God because He loves us, He cares about us and He wants to spend time with us. At Called to Pray we will not place any expectations on you either. We will look to God together knowing that He will hear us and answer our prayers perfectly.

We hope to help people to experience prayer in a variety of formats so they can grow in prayer and God's will can be accomplished. We will have varying themes each month.

Weekly Prayer in The Living Room @ McKinley

Join us in The Living Room at McKinley (the former library) on Wednesdays from 7-8 pm to pray. All are welcome!


You close your eyes, bow your head to pray, and then … nothing. After a few minutes, the day’s to-do list starts running through your mind. Your phone dings, and ooh, and look at all those notifications on Instagram! It doesn’t take much before your prayer time has come and gone without speaking a word to God.

Lots of Christians struggle with prayer. Many of us grow up hearing about prayer but never learning to pray. Others of us grew up in churches where the only time we prayed was during a call and response or when we recited the “Our Father” together.

Prayer is powerful, but it doesn’t have to be formal. Prayer is simply talking to God about what’s on our minds — from our to-do lists to our friends’ latest drama. We believe prayer is a constant part of how we live as believers.  Whether together in a church or small group setting or in the quiet moments of our individual days, prayer is front-line communication with God.  Put simply, there is power in prayer!

We are currently recruiting for members of the Prayer Action Team (PAT). Please contact Annie McCune or Kathi Hoelzl if you are interested. For general questions related to all prayer opportunities at the church, email Kim Smith or call the main office. If you'd like to join us for opportunities at Watermark where we pray together as a church family, scroll down. Either way, let's pray together...for there is power in prayer!


Weekend Services 

There are prayer partners available to pray with you after every weekly service at each of our campuses.  At McKinley in the Living Room near door 1 and at South Creek in the rear of the worship center next to the prayer sign.   

Streams of Freedom

There is a large group of people in the body of Christ who carry deep wounds that leave them feeling troubled, hurt, and frightened.  The enemy uses these wounds and lies in believers lives to diminish their joy and effectiveness in God’s Kingdom.  Many have lost hope and some even feel tormented.

Streams of Freedom ministers through loving and gentle freedom sessions to people who are hurting, wounded, or spiritually oppressed. Individuals are guided through inner healing and provided tools for use in spiritual warfare and replacing the lies of the enemy with the truth of Jesus Christ. You can find freedom, hope, healing and restoration through the power of Jesus Christ.  

If you are interested in registering for Streams of Freedom Orientation, please email Amber Gawera. You will be contacted with further information once registration has been completed. You must attend an orientation prior to being ministered by a Streams of Freedom Team. 

If you are interested in Streams of Freedom Leadership Training, please email Amber Gawera.


If you've visited our McKinley Campus, you may have noticed the wall of photos near the Prayer Room outside the Worship Center. It's a place to pray for those currently deployed and veterans as well as for their families.  We'd encourage you to pause and pray the next time you pass by this wall or pray with us in person the first Monday of every month at 7:00pm.  During this time we also pray for law enforcement and first responders.  Thank you for keeping those that keep us safe in your prayers.

When:  First Monday of each month at 7:00pm  Where: Military Prayer Wall at McKinley (lobby outside of Worship Center)