Security Team

If you have a heart for protecting others and possess skills pertinent to safety or medical issues that arise, this may be the perfect ministry for you. 

  • Is your interest primarily in safety/security or medical?
  • If medical, are you currently active in the medical field (doctor, nurse, EMT, etc.)?
  • If safety and security, are you active or former law enforcement, corrections officer, or security guard?
  • Any other special skills, training, or qualifications relative to safety and security?

Email answers to the above and your interest to Security Team Director Brad Gill .


If you're interested in taking an active role, email or call our church office M-Th (8am-4pm) at 716-649-6335.

Still not sure? Take a couple of minutes to complete the survey below.  It will help give us an idea of where your interests are and how they could best be matched with areas of ministry at Watermark or with many of our partner ministries.


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