Watermark U with Houghton College

Monday nights from 7-9 pm on Zoom

Watermark is partnering with Houghton College to offer you classes that will train you on the biblical, theological, and historical foundations of Christian faith as well as key areas of Christian ministry like spiritual formation and discipleship. You can take them for college credit toward an associate’s degree or simply audit them for personal enrichment. Watermark is one of three sites offering a series of 8-week classes:

Course Title: Leadership in the Church with Rev. Dr. Steve Dunmire 

Course Description: Developing healthy leadership models for church ministry, church administration, and how to grow in ministry leadership capacity while serving in any ministry role.

Start date: October 26 - December 14 from 7-9 pm


For questions, please email Becky Beers at bbeers@watermarkwesleyan.com.


  • Day & Time

    Monday at 7:00 PM

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