Watermark U with Houghton College

Wednesday nights from 6-8 pm on Zoom

Watermark is partnering with Houghton College to offer you classes that will train you on the biblical, theological, and historical foundations of Christian faith as well as key areas of Christian ministry like spiritual formation and discipleship. You can take them for college credit toward an associate’s degree or simply audit them for personal enrichment. Watermark is one of three sites offering a series of 8-week classes:

Course Title: Introduction to Christian Ministry with Rev. Dr. Dan Jones 

Course Description: An investigation of the Biblical, historical, and practical foundations for Christian ministry as a vocation.  Both lay and professional aspects of ministry are explored in the context of the vocational call.  A broad overview of ministry-related fields will be presented, including parish, educational, cross-cultural, and para-church ministries. 

Dates/times: Wednesdays 6-8 p.m. over Zoom, January 13- March 3


For questions, please email Becky Beers at bbeers@watermarkwesleyan.com.



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Course Title: Preaching in Church with Dr. Michael Jordan
Course Description: Explores the role of preaching and proclamation in worship and ecclesiology. Examines the character and methods of the preacher. Focus is on the preparation and delivery of sermons, combining theory of organization structure with tools and techniques for biblically based preaching in various sermon genres. Includes practice in preparing and preaching various types of sermons.
Dates/times: Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 p.m. over Zoom, March 17-April 21

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    Wednesday at 6:00 PM

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