At the start of 2020, our church family read through the New Testament in 100 days. In 2021, we tackled the Old Testament. The goal of this 100 Day Challenge is to provide you with an understanding of the backstory of Jesus found in the Hebrew Scriptures. The daily readings grow out of the weekend messages. Because the Old Testament is so long, we have chosen a sampling of readings. Let God use your reading and application to help you grow more like Jesus.

Reading Plan & Discussion Questions

To help you pace yourself, we've created a reading plan card to keep you on track. You can download the reading plan here. At the end of your reading or at the end of each week, take some time to reflect and pray--ideally with your small group or at least another person. Use our Sermon Discussion Guides to help you start the conversation.

Why should I take the challenge?

Only 45% of church attenders read their Bible more than once a week and almost 1 and 5 say they never read it at all! As a church body, we want to set down the distractions and immerse ourselves in the Word of God in order to build unity across our campuses.


If you do regularly study the Bible, you know the importance of making disciples. Use this opportunity to lead someone else through it! The Old Testament can seem intimidating with all of its historical detail and varieties of literature. If you have a strong foundation already, read it with your children or grandchildren. Invite a new Christian to join you. Branch out from your typical pattern of slow and diligent study to get the 30,000 foot view of the Old Testament and how it points to Jesus, and share it with someone else who is new to it.


How do I read?

All you need is a Bible and the reading plan card. You can read the Old Testament in any translation you like! A study Bible is an excellent resource because it contains helpful historical background and footnotes for the Scripture, but it's not necessary. If you don't own a Bible, you can download the Bible App for free on your smartphone or tablet. If you want to supplement your reading, check out The Bible Project. The Bible Project produces short animated videos to help you better understand what you are reading.

100 Day Challenge Class

Week 1 Zoom class video
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Watch the sermons 

From January through April, our weekend teachings focused on the reading plan for that week. Watch the sermons to find out what to look for in your reading and to learn more about the context for each book.

100 Day Challenge: New Testament

If you missed it last time and you want to take on the New Testament next, you can still access that reading plan here.