Why Membership?


Membership at Watermark Wesleyan means we are inviting baptized believers who profess Jesus Christ as their Savior to belong to the church and actively participate as members.  If Watermark Wesleyan is your church, strongly consider becoming a member.  Membership is a way to say you’re committed to being a present and active part of the difference Watermark is making in the Southtowns, across WNY and around the world.


Requirements for Membership


The Wesleyan Denomination requires several commitments from its members. 

  • Regular Weekend Service Attendance 
  • Baptism (see available dates below)
  • Financial Support through tithe/offering (no required or set amount)
  • Support the ministry of the church through serving (volunteering) regularly.
  • Although not a requirement for Wesleyan Denomination Membership, we ask that members actively participate in a Community Group.
  • Additional notes:

    • There is only one level of membership now in the Wesleyan Church. (There is no longer a covenant and community separation).

    • The Wesleyan Church asks that we renew membership yearly.

Dates and information to know:

Interested in becoming a member? Applications for membership will be accepted through January 13. In order to be a voting member of Watermark Wesleyan, you must attend the Membership Class (see below).  CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Next Members Meeting: Thursday, November 21, 6:30-8:00pm @ McKinley Worship Center

Next Membership Class:  Once you have completed your application, sign up for the class taking place on January 19, 2020, in Room 135 at McKinley from 12-2 pm. REGISTER FOR THE CLASS HERE


“WE ARE” is a series of 7 messages that you can view HERE.  This series is a comprehensive look at what it means to be Wesleyan and how we’ve applied that here at Watermark Wesleyan.  It is strongly recommended viewing for anyone considering membership here.