Watermark Kids Church Online!

March 28: Welcome to Week 4 of Revealed! 

The Parable of the Talents

Small Group Questions & Activity
Weekly handout for parents

Palm coloring page
God made me to do great things! coloring page
Magic Eye #1
Magic Eye #2

Watermark Early Childhood Church Online!

Miss Mary and her team are excited to share the slides the kids would have seen during their big group time. They included their Big Idea, Bible verse, worship songs, Bible story and Bible video. You view the slides for March 28 here!

Family Night Online material

As Adam referenced, here is a link to the Child Care Resource Network. Here is also a quick guide to the points Adam covered in his video. Watch here for the full thing! Helpful resources and material from future online broadcasts will also be here, so check back!

Kids Journal Experiment

Here is the link to the experiment that helps you picture what it means for Jesus to wash all your sins away. Keep up the good work of reading through your journal! You're only a few weeks from the end!

Kids Journal Artwork!

If you're here, it means you've kept up with your 100 Day Challenge Kids Journal - well done! You can download this awesome coloring page that our very own Madi Ventre designed for you this week. Click the image to the left to open it up and print it off!


Serving With Watermark Kids

What if the best way for a kid to know God is to know someone who knows God? Serving with Watermark Kids is a great way to impact these young lives...and it doesn't take a certified teaching degree to do so! Interested? Contact Victoria Willis (vwillis@watermarkwesleyan.com) for more information.