Adult and Teen Challenge


Sam's Testimony:

Buffalo Adult & Teen Challenge is a faith-based discipleship program that helps individuals who struggle with life-controlling issues such as drug addiction and alcoholism. We currently house up to 35 men, ages17 and up. Many individuals enter our program out of desperation; looking for a way out of a life bound by sin. Those who encounter the love of Christ are then set free to pursue the call of God in their lives. Sam entered the program bound by a life of addiction, throughout his time at Buffalo ATC he has been greatly impacted by the grace and forgiveness of God. This is his redemption story: I had a difficult childhood. I was one of five kids, born to a single mother in the midst of her own troubles and addiction. I endured hardship at an early age. Living in an environment of uncertainty, constantly on the move with lots of people coming and going. It wasn't a very hospitable environment. I was eventually adopted into a loving family and it seemed as though all my prayers had been answered. I finally felt peaceful and content. Though these feelings would be shattered. After the divorce of my adopted parents, all the negative emotions that I never learned to deal with rose up. Eventually, these emotions led to bad friends, skipping school, and indulging in drugs and alcohol. At the age of 18, I started to dabble in cocaine, pills, heroin, and alcohol which led to my first conviction and stay in rehab. Despite the court's best effort, I still was medicating with weed and other substances. Shortly after this, my life took a good turn when I believed I had found my calling. I completed culinary school in Florence, Italy and I thought had the world at my fingertips. But feelings of inadequacy and fear eventually rose up and I turned to alcohol as an escape. Alcohol became the ruling aspect of my life and I couldn’t function without it. This brought me to Buffalo Adult and Teen challenge and this is where I entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ. The love that I have felt and come to know from God has given me tremendous peace. God’s love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness have had a huge impact on my life and allowed me to forgive myself and others. While at Buffalo Adult and Teen Challenge that I have committed my life to God. I can now walk in what God has called me to do. I plan to further my education in Bible college, and use what I’ve learned to share the gospel that saved my life.

It is the mission and vision of Buffalo Adult & Teen Challenge that all men who enter our program would experience the same freedom that Sam has found here and use it to spread the gospel to a lost and hurting generation.

Thank you for partnering with Buffalo Adult and Teen Challenge. We had an incredible graduation in Albany, NY with all our upstate centers where we celebrated 20 students either completing 1stphase or graduating from the program! We had fun with our connecting with the CommunityFundraiser, which was in the middle of a blizzard. But we made the most of it and enjoyed fellowship while making brick oven pizzas and beef on weck sandwiches. We had great success with our Qua-RUN-tine 5k Fundraiserandhad people from all over New York and the United States participating and helping us fundraise for the ministry. We look forward to Our Buffalo ATC Annual Golf Tournament that will be held at the Chestnut Hill Country Club on June 16, 2021. If you or someone you know loves to golf, register to join us that day! For more info on these events, see our Facebook page: