Going Back...

With the fall season comes a sense of going back--back to school, to the NFL season, to our bins of warm clothes and seasonal foods. However, all of our usual routines of fall have been disrupted to some degree, leaving many of us disoriented and anxious for what is to come. 
In Luke 4, Jesus goes back to his hometown and during the local worship service makes it known that he is the one Isaiah prophesied about. He is the one who is bringing good news, freedom, healing and God’s favor down to earth as it is in heaven. Interestingly, those he had known all his life tried to throw him off a cliff after this announcement!  What we see here is that Jesus initiated the coming of God’s Kingdom here on earth in a very personal way. I don’t know if Jesus was expecting to find anything familiar in going back to Nazareth, but it was as if he needed to go back in order to find new opportunities for the Kingdom to move forward. His invitation still stands today. We will not go back to things as they were, but my prayer is that you will take advantage of the many opportunities at Watermark to move God’s Kingdom forward on earth as it is in heaven.
- Kevin Beers
Multi-Site Pastor