Looking Forward to Ministry Launching!

I love the fall—the colors, the crisp air, the fresh start in school, in sports, and also in ministry. While this year has changed us all in countless ways, the need for connecting with Jesus and making him known in this world has never been greater. This is the beautiful opportunity set before us as a church. As we have been jarred and jostled by quarantines, face mask mandates, racial tensions, politics, empty stadiums, and more, our community needs signs of life and hope. 
Here is the great news: most of our ministries are restarting on September 13. We’ll be abiding by social distancing and other safety protocols for all of them. Please scroll down for more information. I hope these ministries provide the spiritual nourishment and fellowship you need to press on through this season. Thank you for being a part of our church family!
Pastor Ken