Maddy Glab, Bills & Sabres Journalist

Maddy Glab found herself in a stressful situation many people have been in and even more might find themselves in. Maddy had recently graduated college and couldn’t find a job, let alone secure an interview.  

However, she didn’t let herself get discouraged. Maddy leaned on her faith and was persistent, which led to her landing a job and jumpstarting the rest of her career.  

Maddy Glab, the multi-media journalist for the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres, joined Noah and Bjorn for this week’s episode to discuss her career, her faith and how she ended up in Buffalo.  

A Lifelong Interest in Sports Inspired Maddy’s Choice of Career 

“If I can’t play sports, then I want to work in sports”--Maddy Glab 

Maddy was born and raised in Chicago, where she developed a love for sports. Growing up, she says she always loved both watching and playing sports.  

In fact, Maddy initially had dreams of playing softball in college. However, she suffered an injury before her senior year of high school that she talks about on the podcast. This ended any hopes she had for being a collegiate athlete.  

Even though her dream of playing softball in college might have been over, Maddy says she knew she still wanted to find a way to make sports a part of her college experience and her professional life.  

After looking at different colleges, Maddy ended up at the University of Missouri as a journalism major.  

While here, Maddy had the opportunity to work for the University of Missouri’s NBC affiliate news station. During her junior and senior years, she was able to anchor sports casts.  

On the podcast Maddy talks about the experiences she had at the University of Missouri, which she credits as preparing her for her career.  

Maddy’s Faith Helped Her Make It Through a Tough Time Post Graduation 

“It’s in the valleys where we grow the most in our faith. At least, that’s been the case for me”--Maddy Glab 

Journalism, especially sports journalism, is an extremely competitive field. Even though Maddy had a lot of great experience in college, she still had trouble finding a job after graduating.  

However, Maddy didn’t let this discourage her.  

In the episode, Maddy talks about how she really developed her faith as her own while at the University of Missouri. Instead of becoming discouraged about the lack of job offers, she instead took it as a challenge.  

A person standing on a stageDescription automatically generated with medium confidence Maddy truly believed that being a sports journalist was God’s calling for her, giving her motivation. She made a list of 50 colleges she felt would have good opportunities in sports and sent emails to every college asking about potential jobs.  

Maddy says she believes the times we grow most in our faith is when in valleys. Working through life and searching for a job while living on her own is when Maddy says she has found herself leaning on God the most.  

(Photo at right: Maddy on the set of the 2-Minute Drill at the University of Tennessee. Credit: Maddy Glab/Facebook)

A few weeks later, Maddy heard back from Stanford University about an opening for a producer role. She accepted the job and worked there for one year before moving to the University of Tennessee for four years.  

On the podcast, Maddy talks about what she learned about her job and herself at each of these locations. 

Maddy Incorporates Her Faith into Her Job with the Bills and Sabres 

“At the end of the day, it’s all about loving God and loving people. If you can love people, then you’re also loving God”--Maddy Glab 

Maddy joined the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres as their multi-media journalist in 2019. While she wasn’t sure what to expect, she says she’s discovered that she loves Buffalo and the teams.  

Something that Maddy says she has always felt blessed to have wherever she goes is a church where she feels connected. This is something that helps her grow comfortable and become engrained with the community wherever she moves. 

While working for a professional sports team might not be an area that a lot of people think of as conducive to displaying faith, Maddy seeks to do so through her actions.  

Maddy says she focuses on displaying her faith through the way she treats people. By being outgoing and loving people, she says she can love God and radiate the Holy Spirit.  

By acting this way, she is able to have windows of opportunity to open up with people and share her faith.  

Maddy says she feels lucky that she ended up in the organizations that she did, as they make displaying her faith easy - especially the Bills. The environment she is in has made it easy to live out her faith and make positive impacts on other’s lives.  

On the podcast, Maddy talks about the culture that Buffalo Bills’ Head Coach Sean McDermott has created and how he builds faith into his own leadership.  

What is God Teaching You? 

Maddy is a great example of someone who has leaned on God throughout the tough times in her life.  

Sports is one of the most competitive industries in the world and can be extremely hard to find work in. Because of this, graduating and struggling to find work could feel hopeless. It could be so easy to become discouraged.  

However, Maddy didn’t become discouraged. Instead, she realized this was a time in her life when she needed to lean on God more than normal. Through doing this, she found strength and remained optimistic.  

We should model ourselves after Maddy. God is there to support us when we are going through what might feel like a low point in our life. He wants to be there for us and wants us to lean on Him.  

If we do this, we can find newfound hope and remain from growing discouraged. These are also moments when there is potential to advance our relationship with God, as we are making ourselves vulnerable and open to Him in ways we might not if we feel our life is going perfect.  

Maddy also truly felt that God’s calling for her was sports journalism. From here, she did something important. While she trusted in God to help her through her tough time, she didn’t sit back and do nothing.  

Maddy’s belief that she was following God’s calling motivated her even more to remain persistent. She knew that God would watch over her, but she also knew she had to put in the work herself.  

God isn’t a personal genie for us. If we feel that He is calling us towards something, we have to do our part and put in the work to achieve this calling. While God will assist and guide us along the way, we aren’t going to reach this calling by sitting back and doing nothing.  

By working as hard as we can to honor God’s calling for us, we are honoring and loving God. Part of honoring God is using the gifts he has blessed us with, and in order to achieve our goals and His calling for us we need to put these gifts to use to reach our end goal.  

Do you lean on God in tough times? Does God provide you a source of hope, or do you become discouraged in the face of challenges? 

Are you working hard to achieve your calling? Are you doing all you can with the gifts God has given you? 

Reading Suggestions  

  • Ephesians 4:1-3 

  • Jeremiah 17:5-9 

  • Philippians 4:19 

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