Peak Partner Missions

Solar Array for the Parsonage

Peak Partner Missions, with the help of Watermark Wesleyan Church, was able to install working solar panels, and related equipment in the parsonage in Belot, Haiti. Pastor Reginald is thankful for this life-altering addition to the newly finished parsonage. This part of Haiti, high in the remote mountains south of Port-au-Prince, has no infrastructure to provide basic utilities such as electricity and water. Most residences have no electricity. So the community, in general, is already benefiting from the solar electric system at the parsonage that includes solar panels and electrical storage batteries. Pastor Reginald will use the new electricity to power a water pump that will bring water from his cistern up to a community spigot. Community members have also used the parsonage's electricity to charge their cellphones. The parsonage lightbulbs - 10 to be exact - light rooms at night and give added security throughout the night.

School is Open and Lunch is Being Served

With political and social unrest at a concerning level, many schools in the city of Port-au0Prince have been closed. OUr own US State Department has advised against Americans traveling to Haiti at this time, assigning a "level 4 threat level - do not travel" to Haiti.

Yet the good work of the New Birth Evangelical School goes on. Peak Partner Missions partners with this Christian elementary school to educate and provide lunch to over 160 students. Two part-time cooks prepare and serve the lunch to students and staff. Rice and beans with a brown sauce are the common meal. The school also has a water purification system that provides safe drinking water to students and the community alike.

Business Supports Peak Partner Missions

During the covid pandemic, fundraising has been very challenging. We were blessed to partner with three Southtown businesses during the winter months to offer "hands-on" Zoom classes on a variety of topics. Erin Lalley of Ferncroft Floral hosted a flower arranging class. Alchemy owners Nicole and Anne led us on a sparkling wine tasting. And Molly and Kate of Molly+Kate's boutique hosted a "Staycation Facial" class with their close friend Katrina Waters, a popular Southtown's esthetician.

Additional mission support was offered through two matching grants - one from Storehouse Mission Support and the other from Watermark Wesleyan. Peak Partner MIssions is incredibly thankful to all participants and our partners for their efforts and donations that benefit the elementary school and community in Haiti.